Antistatic Plastics

Antistatic Plastics Product Description

Say goodbye to dust and sparks! 

Our antistatic plastics prevent the annoying shocks and disruptive dust attraction caused by static electricity.

How it works: 

Imagine two surfaces rubbing together, like shuffling your feet on a carpet. This creates tiny bursts of electrical energy, attracting dust particles and even damaging sensitive electronics. Our specially formulated plastic stops this in its tracks!

The secret is conductivity: 

We’ve built-in microscopic pathways that safely channel away electrical charges before they get a chance to build up. This keeps surfaces neutral, minimizing dust attraction and eliminating the risk of those pesky zaps.

Perfect for:

  • Cleanrooms: Keep your environment pristine and particle-free, ensuring high-quality production in sensitive industries like pharmaceuticals and microelectronics.
  • Electronics manufacturing: Protect delicate components from harmful electrostatic discharge (ESD) that can damage circuits and disrupt operations.
  • Assembly lines: Eliminate production delays and improve worker comfort by reducing static-related snags and shocks.

More than just static control: 

Our antistatic plastics offer additional benefits like:

  • Durable and long-lasting: Built to withstand repeated use and cleaning.
  • Chemical resistant: Compatible with a wide range of cleaning agents and industrial chemicals.
  • Lightweight and versatile: Available in various forms and textures to suit your specific needs.

Antistatic Plastics are available in the following base materials:

  • Anti-static PVC
  • Anti-static PMMA
  • Anti-static PC
  • Anti-static PE
  • Anti-static PP
  • Anti-static POM
  • Anti-static PEI
  • Anti-static PEEK
  • Anti-static PTFE
  • Anti-static PAI
  • Anti-static PA
  • Anti-static ABS
  • Anti-static PI

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