Bakelite Product Description

Say goodbye to flimsy and unreliable insulation. Bakelite, also known as Phenolic, is the workhorse you can trust. Forget about messy oils and impractical materials – Bakelite is made from durable paper infused with high-tech resin, hot-pressed into a powerhouse of protection.

Need something tough? Bakelite stands strong in transformer oil, motors, and even powerful appliances. Its high mechanical strength means it can handle demanding machinery with ease. And forget cracking under pressure – Bakelite boasts impressive impact resistance for those unexpected bumps and jolts.

But Bakelite is more than just muscle. It’s surprisingly versatile. Need to customize? Saw, drill, tap, or machine – this adaptable material bends to your will with ordinary tools. So forget special equipment and intricate processes – Bakelite makes engineering a breeze.

From quiet hums to powerful roars, Bakelite keeps your machines purring. 

Bakelite – Properties

  • Strong physical and mechanical strength
  • Easily machinable
  • Electrical non-conductive
  • Heat resistant properties
  • Good dielectric properties