Butadiene Acrylonitrile Rubber (NBR)

Butadiene Acrylonitrile Rubber (NBR) Product Description

Nitrile rubber, the powerhouse of the oil-resistant world, isn’t just tough, it’s a lifesaver for machinery and everyday heroes. This synthetic hero, born from a blend of acrylonitrile and butadiene, stands guard against the dreaded enemy – oil and fuel. Whether it’s the lifeblood of your car coursing through fuel hoses or the greasy gears grinding away in industrial machines, nitrile rubber takes the hit without flinching.

But its superpowers go beyond oil repelling. Think stretches that would put Spiderman to shame – nitrile rubber’s elongation properties let it bend and flex without snapping. Bouncing back from bumps and jostles? No problem! Its resilience keeps it springy and ready for anything. Need something that can handle a good tug? Its tensile strength is off the charts, holding its ground under serious pull. Compression set? Don’t worry, it won’t get permanently squished out of shape.

So, where do you find this real-life rubber champion? Look no further than the fuel hoses that keep your car running, the gaskets that seal leaks, and the rollers that move materials with unwavering grip. It’s even hidden in your kitchen, protecting food contact surfaces from harsh cleaning chemicals.

Now, nitrile rubber isn’t perfect. It might not be the ultimate insulator, but when it comes to oil, fuel, and chemicals, it’s the undisputed king. Think of it as the knight in shining armor, always ready to stand between your precious machinery and the nasty fluids that threaten its well-being.

Butadiene Acrylonitrile Rubber (NBR) Properties

  • Excellent oil resistance
  • Good heat aging characteristics
  • High gas permeability resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Low in insulation resistance

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