ECO Plastics

ECO Plastics: Sustainable and Performance-Driven

ECO Plastics are a revolutionary group of thermoplastics made from renewable resources, minimizing their environmental impact and carbon footprint. But don’t be fooled by their eco-friendly nature – these plastics boast impressive mechanical properties, including high stiffness, impact strength, and biodegradability. Unlike traditional plastics derived from fossil fuels, ECO Plastics embrace self-sustainability, making them a responsible choice for a variety of applications.

Spotlight on Leading ECO Plastics:

  • PLA-L: Crafted from renewable resources like sugar and starch, PLA-L shines with its blend of strength, impact resistance, and biodegradability. Available in sheet form, it’s ideal for display design and other creative projects.
  • WPC-30PP: This wood-plastic compound is a champion of versatility and sustainability. Combining 70% wood fiber with the strength and weather resistance of polypropylene, WPC-30PP boasts antibacterial properties and comes in convenient rod shapes.
  • PA6.10: A close cousin of traditional PA6, PA6.10 sources over 60% of its material from castor oil seeds, significantly reducing its reliance on fossil fuels. Its low water absorption, high dimensional stability, and good chemical resistance make it a top choice for demanding applications.

From park benches and playground equipment to gear wheels and runners, ECO Plastics offer a sustainable alternative with exceptional performance. Choose the future of plastics, choose ECO Plastics.

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