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Welcome to our website, your trusted source for EPDM flat roof solutions in Singapore. At our company, we specialize in the installation and maintenance of EPDM flat roofs. With years of experience in the industry, we have built a reputation for delivering exceptional craftsmanship and outstanding customer service.

EPDM, which stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer, is a popular choice for flat roofs due to its durability and performance. It is known for its excellent waterproofing capabilities and resistance to Singapore’s harsh weather conditions. Whether you need a new flat roof installation or repair services, our team of experts is here to assist you.

Benefits of EPDM Flat Roofs:

  • Superior waterproofing: EPDM membranes provide a watertight seal, effectively protecting your property from leaks and water damage.
  • Durability: EPDM roofs are known for their longevity, with a lifespan of up to 50 years when properly installed and maintained.
  • Weather resistance: EPDM can withstand extreme temperatures, UV radiation, and various weather conditions without deteriorating.
  • Energy efficiency: EPDM’s reflective surface helps to reduce heat absorption, keeping your building cooler and lowering energy costs.
  • Low maintenance: EPDM requires minimal upkeep, making it a cost-effective choice for commercial and residential properties.

With our expertise in EPDM flat roofing, we guarantee exceptional workmanship and reliable solutions tailored to your specific requirements. We understand the importance of having a sturdy and durable roof that protects your property investment.

When it comes to EPDM flat roof installations, you can rely on us as your trusted partner. Our team of professionals is well-versed in the art of flat roof installations, ensuring maximum efficiency and long-lasting results. We use top-quality EPDM membranes that adhere to international standards, providing you with peace of mind and exceptional value for your investment.

For all your EPDM flat roof needs in Singapore, trust our team of experts. Contact us today to discuss your project and receive a personalized solution that meets your budget and timelines. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are committed to delivering excellent service and superior results every time.

Waterproofing a Patio Roof with EPDM

When it comes to waterproofing a patio roof, the use of EPDM membranes provides an excellent solution. Unlike traditional methods that rely on bitumen or synthetic membranes, our specialized EPDM technique offers superior waterproofing capabilities.

The prefabricated EPDM membrane is tailor-made in the factory, eliminating the need for on-site welding and reducing the risk of infiltration. This innovative approach not only ensures a tighter and more secure bond but also saves time and minimizes potential leaks.

What sets our EPDM roofing materials apart are their exceptional waterproofing properties. EPDM membranes have the ability to resist water penetration, protecting your patio roof from the elements, even during heavy rainfall or extreme weather conditions.

Besides its remarkable waterproofing capabilities, EPDM is also an environmentally friendly option. The manufacturing process produces low emissions, and EPDM roofs can be recycled at the end of their lifespan, reducing waste and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Another advantage of using EPDM for patio roof waterproofing is its versatility. EPDM membranes are suitable for all types of flat roofs, including those with plant coverings. Whether you have a green roof or a conventional flat roof, EPDM offers reliable and durable protection.

To showcase the benefits of using EPDM for patio roof waterproofing, here is a comparison between EPDM and traditional waterproofing methods:

Waterproofing Methods EPDM Traditional Methods
Waterproofing Capabilities Superior Standard
Installation Process Factory-made membranes that eliminate on-site welding On-site welding required
Environmental Impact Low emissions and recyclability Higher emissions and limited recyclability
Versatility Suitable for all types of flat roofs Limitations based on materials

To further illustrate the durability of EPDM roofing materials, here is an image of a waterproof patio roof using EPDM:

Waterproofing patio roof

With our EPDM solution, you can ensure a watertight and long-lasting patio roof that withstands the test of time and Singapore’s weather conditions. Trust our expertise in utilizing EPDM membranes to provide superior waterproofing for your patio roof.

Types of Commercial Flat Roofing Systems

There are several types of commercial flat roofing systems available, each with its own advantages. When choosing a roofing system for your commercial property, it is important to consider factors such as durability, weather resistance, energy efficiency, and maintenance requirements. Here are some popular options to consider:

EPDM Roofing Systems

EPDM roofing systems, also known as ethylene propylene diene monomer, are highly durable and offer exceptional weather resistance. These single-ply membranes are resistant to UV radiation, ozone, and extreme weather conditions, making them ideal for Singapore’s climate. EPDM roofs are also easy to install and repair.

TPO Roofing

TPO, or thermoplastic olefin, roofing systems are gaining popularity in commercial settings due to their energy efficiency and reflective properties. These roofs have a white reflective surface that helps reduce energy consumption by reflecting sunlight, reducing the heat transmitted into the building. TPO roofs are also resistant to chemicals, UV radiation, and punctures.

PVC Roofing

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, roofing systems are known for their strength, fire resistance, and resistance to chemicals. These roofs are highly durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. PVC roofs also have a long lifespan and require minimal maintenance.

BUR Flat Roofs and Modified Bitumen Systems

Built-Up Roofing (BUR) and modified bitumen systems provide robust waterproofing solutions for commercial buildings. BUR roofs consist of multiple layers of roofing felts and bitumen, while modified bitumen roofs are made with reinforced bitumen membranes. Both systems offer excellent waterproofing capabilities and can withstand heavy foot traffic and extreme weather conditions.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing systems are a versatile and durable option for commercial flat roofs. They are available in various materials, including steel, aluminum, and copper, offering different aesthetic and performance advantages. Metal roofs are low-maintenance, resistant to fire, and can withstand high winds and harsh weather conditions.

When choosing a commercial flat roofing system, it’s important to assess your specific needs, budget, and building requirements. Consult with a professional roofing contractor to determine the best system for your property.

commercial flat roofing systems

Roofing System Advantages
EPDM Durable, weather-resistant, easy to install and repair
TPO Energy efficient, reflective, resistant to chemicals and punctures
PVC Strong, fire-resistant, resistant to chemicals, low maintenance
BUR and Modified Bitumen Robust waterproofing, withstand heavy foot traffic and extreme weather
Metal Versatile, durable, low-maintenance, resistant to fire and harsh weather

Maintenance Tips for Commercial Flat Roofing Systems

Proper maintenance is crucial for the longevity and performance of commercial flat roofing systems. Whether you have an EPDM, TPO, PVC, BUR, modified bitumen, or metal roof, regular inspections and upkeep are essential to ensure optimal protection and durability.

EPDM Roof Maintenance

An EPDM roof requires regular inspections for wear and tear, as well as prompt repairs of punctures or tears. Additionally, ensuring proper drainage is essential to prevent water accumulation and potential damage.

TPO Roof Maintenance

A TPO roof should be inspected periodically for seam integrity and damage. Regular cleaning is also important to maintain its energy efficiency and prolong its lifespan.

PVC Roof Maintenance

PVC roofs require regular inspections for seam issues and should be promptly repaired to prevent leaks. It’s also crucial to clean the roof to prevent the growth of algae or mold and apply UV protectant coatings for added durability.

BUR and Modified Bitumen Roof Maintenance

For BUR and modified bitumen roofs, regular inspections should be conducted in high-traffic areas to check for wear or damage. Periodic resealing is necessary to maintain their waterproofing properties and extend their lifespan.

Metal Roof Maintenance

Metal roofs need regular inspections for corrosion or damage. Cleaning the roof from debris and applying protective coatings can help increase its resistance to harsh weather conditions and maintain its appearance.

By following these maintenance tips, you can ensure the longevity and performance of your commercial flat roofing system, avoiding costly repairs or premature replacements.

flat roof maintenance

Roofing System Maintenance Tips
EPDM Regular inspections for wear and tear; prompt repairs; proper drainage
TPO Periodic inspections for seam integrity and damage; regular cleaning
PVC Inspections for seam issues; regular cleaning and application of UV protectant coatings
BUR and Modified Bitumen Inspections for wear or damage in high-traffic areas; periodic resealing
Metal Regular inspections for corrosion or damage; cleaning; protective coatings

FAQs About Commercial Flat Roof Types

Here are some frequently asked questions about commercial flat roofs:

  • What is a commercial flat roof called?
    A commercial flat roof is commonly referred to as a low-slope roof.
  • What is the best type of roofing for a flat roof?
    The best type of roofing for a flat roof depends on various factors such as budget, climate, and specific property requirements.
  • What is the longest-lasting commercial flat roof?
    Metal roofing is often considered one of the longest-lasting options for commercial flat roofs.
  • Can EPDM roofs be repaired?
    Yes, EPDM roofs can be repaired to address leaks, punctures, or other damages.
  • And more.

For more information, please feel free to reach out to us. We are here to answer all your questions.

Commercial Roofing Systems: Key Takeaways

Choosing the right commercial flat roofing system is crucial for protecting your property and ensuring long-term value. At our company, we offer a range of high-quality commercial roofing solutions that are tailored to meet your specific needs. When selecting a roofing system, consider factors such as location, building codes, and weather conditions to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Evaluate the lifespan, durability, and maintenance requirements of each type of roofing material. Our team of experts can guide you through the selection process, providing valuable insights into the benefits and drawbacks of different roofing materials, including EPDM, TPO, PVC, and metal roofs. This allows you to make an informed decision that aligns with your property’s performance goals and budget.

Consult with our reputable commercial roofing contractors who have years of experience in the industry. Our professionals will assess your property, provide expert advice, and handle the installation process with efficiency and precision. With our expertise, you can rest assured that your new flat roofing system will be installed to the highest standards, ensuring exceptional performance and durability.

Investing in a high-quality flat roofing system offers numerous advantages. Our commercial roofing solutions are designed to enhance energy efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. With proper insulation and reflective properties, our roofing materials can help reduce energy consumption and lower utility costs. Additionally, our roofing systems are built to withstand the harsh Singapore climate, providing reliable protection against heavy rain, UV rays, and extreme temperatures.

To assist you in making the best decision for your property, we offer comprehensive warranties on our materials and workmanship. Our commitment to quality ensures that your investment in a commercial roofing system will provide long-term value and peace of mind.

Comparison of Commercial Roofing Systems

Commercial Roofing System Lifespan Durability Maintenance Requirements
EPDM 20-30 years Excellent Regular inspections and repairs as needed
TPO 20-30 years High Periodic inspections and occasional repairs
PVC 20-30 years Very high Regular inspections and cleaning
Metal 50+ years Exceptional Periodic inspections, cleaning, and protective coatings

By choosing our commercial flat roofing solutions, you can ensure long-term protection and value for your property. Contact us today to learn more about our roofing systems and schedule a consultation with our experienced team of professionals.

commercial roofing systems


In conclusion, EPDM flat roof solutions provide an exceptional choice for both commercial and residential properties in Singapore. These roofs offer unmatched durability and performance, ensuring long-lasting protection against the elements. With expert installations and regular maintenance, EPDM roofs have the potential to endure for decades, making them a reliable investment for property owners.

When selecting a commercial flat roofing system, it is crucial to consider your specific needs and requirements. Factors such as weather resistance, energy efficiency, and maintenance should be taken into account. By relying on the expertise of professional roofing contractors, you can make informed decisions and receive personalized solutions that meet your unique demands.

At our company, we take pride in being roofing experts specializing in EPDM flat roofs. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to delivering outstanding craftsmanship and exceptional customer service. Whether you need installation, repairs, or maintenance, you can trust us to provide top-notch solutions for all your flat roof needs in Singapore. Contact us today and experience the benefits of EPDM flat roof solutions.


What is a commercial flat roof called?

A commercial flat roof is commonly referred to as a low-slope roof.

What is the best type of roofing for a flat roof?

The best type of roofing for a flat roof depends on various factors such as budget, climate, and specific property requirements.

What is the longest-lasting commercial flat roof?

Metal roofing is often considered one of the longest-lasting options for commercial flat roofs.

Can EPDM roofs be repaired?

Yes, EPDM roofs can be repaired to address leaks, punctures, or other damages.

What are the benefits of EPDM flat roofs?

EPDM flat roofs offer excellent waterproofing capabilities, resistance to the elements, and long-lasting durability.

How much does EPDM roofing cost?

The cost of EPDM roofing depends on several factors such as the size of the roof, installation complexity, and local market rates. It is best to request a quote from a professional roofing contractor for an accurate estimate.

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