High Performance Plastics

Aalborg Engineering's High Performance Plastics

Aalborg Engineering, your trusted source for diverse plastic solutions, goes beyond standard options with a premium line of High Performance Plastics. Designed for demanding applications across various industries, these exceptional materials stand out for their superior properties:

  • Exceptional Temperature and Chemical Resistance: These plastics hold their own against harsh environments, withstanding extreme temperatures and aggressive chemicals that would quickly break down their standard counterparts.
  • Enhanced Strength and Stiffness: Expect greater rigidity and load-bearing capacity, enabling these materials to excel in demanding mechanical applications.
  • Tailored Solutions: Choose from a range of versatile options like Vespel (PI), PEEK, PVDF, PAI (Torlon), PEI (Ultem), PPS, and Rulon, each with its own unique strength profile and specific application-oriented advantages.

Dive into the Spotlight:

Vespel (PI): The ultimate champion of wear resistance and long life, even in harsh conditions. This “king of high performance plastics” shines with exceptional physical and mechanical properties, excelling in cryogenic environments up to 288°C (with excursions to 482°C!).

PEEK: A semi-crystalline marvel, PEEK offers outstanding mechanical and chemical resistance that thrives under extreme temperatures (+260°C). Its diverse property profile makes it ideal for applications requiring exceptional performance under demanding conditions.

PVDF: This versatile workhorse boasts excellent chemical resistance, superb machinability, and a broad temperature range (-30°C to +150°C). Its high resistance to chlorine, bromine, and radiation makes it perfect for applications demanding purity, strength, and solvent/acid/base resilience.

PAI (Torlon): Experience unparalleled stiffness with Torlon, the champion of rigidity among thermoplastics (up to 275°C!). Its exceptional resistance to wear, creep, and chemicals makes it a natural choice for severe service environments.

PEI (Ultem): Offering an amber-to-transparent beauty, Ultem combines outstanding thermal, mechanical, and electrical properties with low flammability and smoke emission. Its slightly lower impact strength than PEEK is compensated by a higher operating temperature (up to +170°C).

PPS: This high-performance workhorse can be molded, extruded, or machined to precise tolerances. Its white-to-tan hue hides a multitude of strengths, including impressive temperature resistance (up to 218°C), excellent resistance to chemicals, and exceptional durability.

Rulon: Practically inert to chemicals, Rulon combines high compressive strength, low friction, and stellar abrasion/corrosion resistance. This champion of bearing and seal applications thrives in temperatures ranging from -400°F to 500°F, with or without additional lubrication.

At Aalborg Engineering, we don’t settle for the ordinary. Explore our range of High Performance Plastics and unlock solutions that defy the limits of ordinary materials. Contact us today and let us help you find the perfect plastic for your unique needs.

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