PolyMethylMethAcrylate (PMMA)

PolyMethylMethAcrylate (PMMA) Product Description

PMMA, also known as acrylic, is a transparent thermoplastic that boasts numerous advantages over traditional glass.

  • Crystal-clear transparency: PMMA transmits over 92% of visible light, making it a shining star for applications requiring optimal optical clarity. Think windows, lenses, and displays.

  • Lightweight champion: PMMA is nearly half the weight of glass, making it a dream material for projects where weight reduction is crucial. Aircraft canopies, anyone?

  • Shatterproof superhero: Unlike its fragile glass counterpart, PMMA is exceptionally impact-resistant. Say goodbye to accidental shards and hello to peace of mind.

  • Weather warrior: PMMA stands strong against the elements. It’s resistant to UV rays, yellowing, and harsh weather conditions, making it ideal for outdoor applications.

But wait, there’s more!

PMMA is also:

  • Economical: Compared to other high-performance plastics like polycarbonate, PMMA offers excellent value for its impressive set of properties.
  • Easy to work with: PMMA is readily machinable, sawable, and bondable, making it a favorite among hobbyists and professionals alike.
  • Versatile champion: From medical implants to furniture, art installations to automotive parts, PMMA’s applications are boundless.

PolyMethylMethAcrylate (PMMA) Properties

  • High mechanical strength and hardness
  • High mechanical rigidity
  • Excellent transparency
  • Easy to polish
  • Good thermal stability
  • Good insulation properties