Rubber Sponge

Rubber Sponge Description

Versatile and resilient, rubber sponge comes in a range of densities and hardnesses, catering to diverse needs. From light oil exposure to high temperatures (up to 260°C in some types), it boasts impressive durability and insulation properties.

More than just insulation, rubber sponge excels in various applications. Its resistance to ozone, alkalis, and acids makes it ideal for general enclosure door gaskets. Available in convenient strips and rolls, it’s the go-to material for roofing, electronics, cushioning, and decorative projects.

But rubber sponge doesn’t stop there. Its exceptional shock absorption makes it a star in machine bases and loading bays, protecting equipment and infrastructure from the bumps and thumps of everyday use.

In short, rubber sponge is a versatile champion of resilience and versatility, ready to tackle a wide range of challenges.

Rubber Sponge Sheets base material

  • CR Sponge
  • EPDM Sponge
  • EVA Sponge
  • Neoprene Sponge
  • NBR Sponge
  • PE Sponge
  • PU Sponge
  • PVC Sponge
  • SR Sponge