lonex polyoxymethylene piston head

Looking to enhance the durability and performance of your airsoft guns? Look no further than Lonex piston heads. Made from high-quality polyoxymethylene (POM), Lonex piston heads are known for their exceptional durability and precision engineering.

With a superior air seal, Lonex POM piston heads deliver improved performance and consistency. Even after months of intense gameplay, users have reported minimal wear on these durable piston heads, making them a reliable choice for airsoft players.

Whether you’re building a DMR or upgrading your classic army P90, Lonex polyoxymethylene piston heads offer reliability and high-quality performance. Trust us, upgrading your airsoft guns with Lonex piston heads will take your game to the next level.

The Importance of the Piston Assembly in Airsoft AEGs

In the world of airsoft, automatic electric guns (AEGs) are a popular choice among players due to their reliability and performance. One of the crucial components that contribute to the functionality of an AEG is the piston assembly.

The piston assembly plays a vital role in transferring the energy from the spring to compress the air, which is then released to propel plastic pellets as projectiles. It consists of two main parts: the piston body and the piston head.

The piston body is equipped with teeth that engage with a sector gear, drawing the piston back into the gearbox. This backward motion compresses the spring, storing potential energy. On the other hand, the piston head forms a seal on the cylinder walls and connects to the air nozzle, allowing air to enter and exit.

The quality and performance of the piston assembly directly impact the reliability and longevity of the AEG. A well-designed and durable piston assembly ensures efficient energy transfer, providing consistent power to propel plastic pellets with accuracy.

Upgrading the piston assembly can lead to significant improvements in airsoft AEG performance. By enhancing the piston body and piston head, air seal can be improved, resulting in more consistent power output and increased accuracy. Additionally, a robust gearbox shell and spring guide can withstand higher spring energies, allowing for more powerful shots.

piston assembly image

Piston Assembly Components Key Features
Piston Body
  • Teeth interface with sector gear
  • Compresses the spring
  • Drawn back into the gearbox
Piston Head
  • Forms a seal on the cylinder walls
  • Ports for air to enter and exit
  • Directs air to propel plastic pellets

Choosing a high-quality piston assembly is essential for optimizing the performance of an airsoft AEG. Factors to consider include compatibility with the gearbox shell, spring energy, and the type of plastic pellets being used. Additionally, regular maintenance and lubrication of the piston assembly can help prolong its lifespan and ensure smooth operation.

By understanding the importance of the piston assembly and its impact on overall performance, airsoft enthusiasts can make informed decisions when upgrading their AEGs for enhanced gameplay.

Tuning and Upgrading the Piston Assembly

When it comes to tuning and upgrading the piston assembly in your airsoft automatic electric gun (AEG), there are several factors to consider. These include compatibility, variations in design, material composition, and the desired performance of your AEG. Whether you’re looking to optimize your AEG for high rates of fire or shaving down weight for improved speed, selecting the right piston assembly components is crucial.

Compatibility is key when upgrading your piston assembly. It’s important to ensure that the parts you choose are compatible with your stock AEG and other components. This will help achieve optimal performance and prevent any issues with installation or functionality. Be sure to do thorough research and consult with knowledgeable airsoft enthusiasts or professionals for guidance.

Another aspect to consider is the variation in design available for piston assemblies. Different brands and manufacturers may offer variations in design that cater to specific needs or preferences. Researching and comparing the design features of different piston assemblies can help you make an informed decision about which one best suits your AEG and performance goals.

Material composition is also an important consideration. Lightweight piston assemblies are particularly beneficial for AEGs focused on high rates of fire. By shaving down the weight of the piston assembly, you can increase the speed and responsiveness of your AEG, keeping up with the rapid cycling of gears. Look for piston assemblies made from lightweight materials such as aluminum or polymer composite.

Benefits of Lightweight Piston Assemblies:

  • Improved rate of fire
  • Reduced stress on internal components
  • Enhanced maneuverability
  • Increased efficiency

Piston Assembly Material Comparison Table:

Material Weight Durability Performance
Aluminum Lightweight High Excellent
Polymer Composite Ultra-Lightweight Moderate Good
Steel Heavy Very High Superior

Remember, tuning and upgrading the piston assembly is all about finding the right balance between compatibility, design, and material composition. By selecting the appropriate components and properly installing them, you can achieve optimal performance and enhance the overall functionality of your AEG.

To further illustrate the importance of tuning and upgrading the piston assembly, take a look at the image below:

Lightweight piston assembly

Performance Upgrades for the Piston Assembly

In order to enhance the overall performance of your AEG, there are several performance upgrades available for the piston assembly. These upgrades can provide improvements in airflow, noise reduction, and air seal, resulting in a more efficient and accurate airsoft gun.

Upgrade the Piston Head for Improved Airflow and Noise Reduction

One of the key upgrades you can make to the piston assembly is to upgrade the piston head. By choosing a piston head specifically designed for improved airflow, you can achieve better compression and release of air, resulting in enhanced performance. Additionally, a high-quality piston head can help reduce the noise generated during the firing process, ensuring a quieter operation.


Improve Air Seal with Lonex Polyoxymethylene Piston Heads

Air seal upgrades are another important aspect of enhancing the performance of the piston assembly. Lonex polyoxymethylene (POM) piston heads are known for their exceptional air seal properties. By replacing your existing piston head with a lonex POM piston head, you can significantly improve the seal between the piston and cylinder. This leads to better consistency in shot velocities and increased accuracy.

Consider Upgrading the Cylinder Set for Better Performance

Upgrading the cylinder set is another performance enhancement option for the piston assembly. Choosing a high-quality cylinder set can improve the efficiency and performance of your AEG. However, it is crucial to ensure compatibility with the gearbox and other components of your airsoft gun to avoid any compatibility issues.

When selecting performance upgrades for the piston assembly, it is essential to keep in mind the specific needs and requirements of your AEG. Each upgrade serves a specific purpose in improving the overall performance and functionality of your airsoft gun. With the right combination of upgrades, you can elevate your gameplay and enjoy a more powerful and reliable airsoft gun.

Preventative Upgrades for the Piston Assembly

When it comes to maintaining the reliability and longevity of your airsoft gun, preventative upgrades for the piston assembly are essential. By replacing key components with higher-quality alternatives, you can minimize the risk of failure and ensure that your AEG performs optimally over an extended period.

Gearbox Shell

The gearbox shell is the foundation of your AEG’s internal mechanism. Upgrading to a sturdier and more durable gearbox shell can provide added strength and stability, reducing the risk of cracks or damage under high-stress conditions. Opt for gearbox shells made from reinforced materials, such as high-quality aluminum or steel.


Consider upgrading your piston to withstand the intense demands of airsoft gameplay. A well-designed and durable piston can minimize the chances of premature wear and tear, ensuring consistent performance. Look for lightweight pistons made from robust materials, such as high-strength polymer or metal alloys, to strike a balance between durability and speed.

Cylinder Head

The cylinder head plays a crucial role in maintaining a strong air seal within the cylinder. By upgrading to a high-quality cylinder head, you can improve compression efficiency and minimize air leakage. Look for cylinder heads with enhanced sealing properties and efficient airflow design for optimal performance.

Tappet Plate

The tappet plate is responsible for feeding BBs into the hop-up chamber consistently. Upgrading to a more reliable and durable tappet plate can reduce the risk of misfeeds or jams during gameplay. Look for reinforced tappet plates made from materials such as nylon or metal.

Incorporating these preventative upgrades into your airsoft gun’s piston assembly not only enhances its overall durability but also reduces the likelihood of potential issues during gameplay. By investing in these high-quality components, you can enjoy improved reliability and consistent performance on the field.

Check out the table below for a summary of the recommended preventative upgrades for the piston assembly:

Component Upgrade
Gearbox Shell Higher-quality reinforced material (e.g., aluminum or steel)
Piston Lightweight and durable material (e.g., high-strength polymer or metal alloy)
Cylinder Head Improved sealing properties and efficient airflow design
Tappet Plate Reinforced material (e.g., nylon or metal)

piston assembly upgrade


Upgrading your airsoft guns with Lonex polyoxymethylene (POM) piston heads is a surefire way to enhance their performance. The Lonex POM piston head offers a combination of durability, precision engineering, and superior air seal, making it an excellent choice for airsoft enthusiasts looking to elevate their game.

Users have reported exceptional air seal, minimal wear, and increased consistency in their AEGs with Lonex POM piston heads. This speaks volumes about the quality and reliability of these high-performance upgrades. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, optimizing your airsoft guns with Lonex piston heads will undoubtedly enhance your overall gameplay experience.

Upgrade your airsoft guns today with Lonex POM piston heads and enjoy the benefits of improved durability, precision, and superior air seal. Experience enhanced performance, consistency, and reliability in every game. Don’t settle for less when Lonex offers a trusted and high-quality solution for upgrading your airsoft guns.


What are lonex polyoxymethylene piston heads?

Lonex polyoxymethylene piston heads are high-quality piston heads made from a durable and precision-engineered material called polyoxymethylene (POM).

What is the purpose of the piston assembly in airsoft AEGs?

The piston assembly in airsoft AEGs is responsible for transferring the energy from the spring to compress the air used to launch plastic pellets as projectiles.

How can tuning and upgrading the piston assembly improve AEG performance?

Tuning and upgrading the piston assembly can improve AEG performance by considering factors such as compatibility, variations in design, and material composition to achieve optimal performance.

What are some performance upgrades available for the piston assembly?

Some performance upgrades for the piston assembly include upgrading the piston head to improve airflow and reduce noise, as well as enhancing the air seal between the piston and cylinder.

What are preventative upgrades for the piston assembly?

Preventative upgrades for the piston assembly involve replacing components with higher-quality alternatives, such as the gearbox shell, piston, cylinder head, and tappet plate, to increase reliability and durability.

Why should I consider upgrading my airsoft guns with lonex polyoxymethylene piston heads?

Upgrading your airsoft guns with lonex polyoxymethylene piston heads can provide significant performance enhancements, including improved durability, precision engineering, and superior air seal.

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