Viton Product Description

A material so tough it shrugs off harsh chemicals, withstands sizzling temperatures, and keeps its cool under pressure. That’s Viton, the superhero of synthetic rubber. Forget your average rubber band; Viton is the Iron Man of the material world, ready to tackle the most demanding industrial jobs.

Why is Viton so special? It’s all about its unique makeup. Think of it as a blend of the strongest elements: fluorine, carbon, and other special ingredients. This powerful combination gives Viton superpowers like:

  • Chemical Resistance: Acids, alkalis, even harsh fuels and oils – Viton laughs in their face. It’s the ultimate protector for critical equipment and sensitive instruments.

  • Temperature Tolerance: From icy chills (-40°C) to fiery furnaces (250°C), Viton keeps its cool and maintains its strength. No job is too hot or too cold for this versatile hero.

  • Mechanical Might: Viton isn’t just tough; it’s flexible and resilient. It can withstand pressure, compression, and wear and tear without losing its shape, making it ideal for seals, gaskets, and other critical components.

Where does Viton come in handy? You’ll find it everywhere, from the depths of the oil and gas industry to the high-tech world of aerospace. It’s the silent guardian in:

  • Automotive parts: Keeping engines running smoothly and fuel systems safe.
  • Chemical processing: Protecting equipment from corrosive chemicals and extreme temperatures.
  • Aerospace applications: Ensuring the safety and performance of aircraft and spacecraft.
  • Food and beverage industry: Maintaining hygiene and quality in food processing equipment.

Viton Properties

  • Excellent ozone, chemical, acid and ageing characteristics
  • Excellent resistance to petroleum based fluids
  • High resistance to solvents and chemicals
  • Good resistance to aromatics
  • Resistant to high temperatures